Acrilan Linea Shower Floor Rack

Acrilan Linea Shower Floor Rack

Acrilan channel, suitable for channeling water. It can be placed on the floor of the bathroom shower for use in domestic as well as professional installations.


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Acrilan Linea Shower Floor Rack

TOP VALVEThe valve is made of two parts, a rigid thermostatic polymer body and a silicone valve specially designed to retract under the action of gravity during normal water flow. During the waiting phase, it remains closed, preventing strong and unpleasant odors from emerging due to the discharge. When back-pressured by a possible water backflow, a hermetic seal is created which prevents overflow.


  • Linea Minimal stainless steel grill 0.30×0.10 m with grates and siphon.

    Flow 8L/min or 33L/min (without silicone valve).
    Outlet ø40.

  • Dimensions: 0.30×0.10m

  • Material: stainless steel AISI 304

Technical Brochure

Dimensions 0.30 × 0.10 cm

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