Payment Methods

Our online store has the following payment methods:

1. Credit & Debit Card

All credit card transactions are made in the secure environment of Piraeus Bank.

2. Deposit in a bank account of our Company

You can pay your order by depositing the money on the following bank account:


When depositing or transporting, please indicate your name or order number in the reasoning.

3. Credit card installments within the store

4. Cash In-Store Cash

5. By cash on delivery

    (a) Within the prefecture of Kastoria

You can pay your order by cash on delivery or by contacting us at the TNT transport agent or our company’s driver upon delivery at no extra cost

    (b) Outside Kastoria prefecture

For bulk shipments in bulk and weight by transport companies (Transport Agencies) the delivery method does not apply

Μπορείτε να πληρώσετε την παραγγελία σας με αντικαταβολή, κατόπιν τηλεφωνικής επικοινωνίας μαζί μας, στον πράκτορα της εταιρείας ΤΝΤ κατά την παράδοση των εμπορευμάτων.
Ισχύει μόνο για μικροδέματα και με επιπλέον κόστος αντικαταβολής 2,00€.