Bathroom Sink SEREL 60x42cm ,

Porcelain Bath Sink Insert 60×42 cm


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Serel 3042 White Hygiene Plus Porcelain Bathroom Sink Insert 60×42 cm

Sink dimensions: 60 x 42 x 14 cm
Trough depth: 12 cm
No Overflow
Holes: 1
Installation: Insert
Color: White
Construction material: Porcelain
Manufacturer: Serel
Certificates: TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 TS EN ISO 14001: 2001 TS 18001: 2008 TS 10002: 2006 TS EN ISO 50001

HYGIENE + method: It is a process of fusion of silver nano-ions. As shown in the following test, it achieves 99% protection against bacteria. Through the coating of silver nano-ions, the surface of the product acquires anti-bacterial protection that prevents the growth of bacteria and maintains permanent hygiene in your bathroom.

Clean + Method: Serel products have a perfectly smooth and shiny surface and can be cleaned without the need for detergents, but only water.

Contribute to savings: You no longer need expensive cleaning materials to have hygiene in your bathroom! Serel products offer maximum benefit as they ‘self-clean’, requiring minimal water consumption and maintaining their hygiene without consuming your energy and money.

Environmentally friendly: Serel products have zero toxicity in the environment as they provide hygiene without the use of chemical cleaning agents. In addition, they require much less water to clean than conventional sanitary ware.

Indicative Product Weight: 15kg
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